©2005-2016 Bradley Voorhees
My latest compilation album
is called "
Give 'em Hope."
Absolutely free to download.
My latest studio album is
called "DIE." You should
buy it if you like it! Sweet!
I have already released 7
more songs since my latest
Check 'em out!
I still eagerly await Joshua
P. Kennedy's sophomore
album, "Grounded Again."
Love the 90s! Ace of Base,
Brandy, Monica, Robyn,
Joan Osborne, Alanis, No D.
1, 5 down, 11 right, 3 down,
4 left, 2 up, 7 right, and 11
left. That's all I'm saying.
A link to a secret BVDC
page that possibly has a
few YTBR songs in product.
Paul Bright is an awesome
indie filmmaker who just
so happens to be gay!