Okay so, I've decided not to waste my time with an extensive "series" page in my website, because I haven't made anything new in years. But what I have done for you is put nifty little YouTube links below so that you can go get your Bradley fix. Most everything I've ever done (series-wise) has a home on YouTube. No need in bringing all that old, outdated stuff over here to my nice clean website. See a title you like? Simply click it to be taken to YouTube in a new window where you can watch it!

Your Gay News (News) | The Stream a live-streamed talk-show) | Fag & Hag a taped talk-show) | 5CanMakeADifferenc3 a gay-collab channel that was a remake of 5CanMakeADifference, which was also a gay-themed collab-channel. | 5AreOnAMission sister channel of 5CanMakeADifferenc3 was another remake Of the original 5CanMakeADifference gay-themed collab-channel. | AGayCollabChannel a gay-themed collab channel (obviously) having nothing directly to do with the aforementioned collab channels. | My Boyfriend a hilarious sketch show. | Voorhees a hilarious sitcom styled show. | #ScenesFromRussia a dramody about anti-gay laws in the fictitious town of Rot, located in Russia. | I Really Am Alone a drama about Brad, a guy in a bad relationship who's constantly at odds against himself internally on matters pertaining to his questionable relationship. | Lawstin Woods a sci-fi created & written by the biggest "Lost" (ABC) fan in the world. | #OhMyGleed! a comedy recap show of the shows "Glee" and "The Glee Project." | #TrendingBoobieCups a hilarious news-styled show hosted by Brandy Hashtag (A dragqueen) | Jam Out Gay a gay male musician collab channel | Super Recaps of Supernatural a comedy recap show about the show "Supernatural." | Guests of the Bates Motel a comedy recap show about the show "Bates Motel." Your Gay StrikeBack! a spin-off of Your Gay News. YGSB! is a collab channel designed to comedically combat homophobia. | Fat Off Us a weight-loss-themed reality-show. | My Gay Life a reality show centered on the life of Bradley Voorhees, a 30-year-old gay man. | Gay Family Ethics a gay-family-themed vlog channel. | A Gay in the Life a gay-themed advice vlog channel. | Corning News news reports for the City of Corning. |

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