It’s growing ever-harder to find me online. My presence has become less and less over the years. Perhaps here you will find some links to sort of find me on all social media, all in 1 place.

TikTok: @hitshere

TikTok 2: @bradleyvoorhees1

Twitter: @bradleyvoorhees

Instagram 1: @forshinkle

Instagram 2: @bradfromthere

FaceBook: @gettingbacktom3




Spacehey (AKA New MySpace)

Who remembers Bradley Voorhees? I do. I do. Bradley’s been somewhat MIA from the music scene for the last 3+ years, but something new is on its way soon. I promise!

My latest album was released back on June 11th of 2018 if you can believe it! Check it out here.